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  1. What would I expect to happen?
    • First we would talk about your health issues, fill out a form, go over a weekly diet diary that I would have e-mailed you in advance to complete.
    • You would lie down fully dressed on a massage table and I would show you how muscle testing works, and then we would balance you. (see article¬† Dear Reader – Article 1)
    • We would determine what issues to address this session , work out the corrections needed to be done, and proceed holding the required acupressure points.
  2. How many sessions would I need?
    • Each person is different and is addressing their own individual issues and so there is no set number of sessions. It may be just one or 3-4. However, the process of balancing you will alone make you feel better.
  3. What are the specific health concerns do you address? Here are just a few:
    • Determining the nutrients that your body needs at this time of your life and planning an ideal weekly menu for optimal health is often a major issue
    • Aches and pains in all parts of the body as well as headaches
    • Food, chemical and environmental allergies and sensitivities can be corrected and eliminated
    • Challenges with periods, bloating, menstrual cramps
    • Fears, anxieties, habitual worries, roadblocks to achieving your potential
    • Thoughts, feelings and emotions that may be blocked yet are preventing you to achieve optimal health and wellness