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Dear Reader – An Article on How Energy Healing Based on Health Kinesiology Works

This paper is has been shortened for website readers to explain some of the basic principles of Health Kinsesiology that is practiced at North Toronto Energy Healing.

I hope that this paper is useful and interesting for you to read!

It was discovered by Chinese practitioners several thousand years ago, that muscles are affected by working with the meridians and acupuncture points on the body. These wise practitioners worked out a systematic grid of pathways called meridians lines  that run up and down the body’s trunk,  arms, legs and head. These pathways are still used today by acupuncturists around the world. In these pathways or meridians flows the body’s Qi or life force that is sometimes called vital energy. This Qi communicates with all the cells and organs in the body. Beinfield/ Korngold’s book, Between Heaven and Earth,  describes Qi:

The concept of Qi is absolutely at the heart of Chinese medicine. Life is defined by Qi even though it is impossible to grasp, measure,  quantify, see or isolate. Immaterial yet essential, the material world is formed by it. An invisible force known only by its effects, Qi  is recognized indirectly by what it fosters, generates, and protects…   In the human being, all functions of the body and mind are manifestations of Qi: sensing, cogitating ( thinking planning devising-my notes), feeling, digesting, stirring and propagating. Qi begets movement and heat. It is the fundamental mystery and miracle. ( Beinfield / Korngold 1991, 30)

With this in mind then, I understand that to maintain good health it is essential that the Qi flows freely through all of the meridians in the body to enable all of the cells, and bodily systems, mind and emotions to be about their business of doing their job in the body .

Thurnell-Read in the book Health Kinesiology explains:

If this energy system is in balance, health can be maintained. If it is disturbed, then physical or other disturbances may be produced or sustained. These energy disturbances also have an effect on muscle response, and the term ‘Kinesiology’ has come to mean muscle testing to identify these disturbances. ( Thurnell-Read 2002, p.11)

These acupuncture meridians form part of the underlying system of the body that supports and integrates the different aspects of the individual to include spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. Thurnell suggests that this Qi carries the information to allow all parts of the body to function harmoniously. If there are imbalances or blockages in  the Meridian pathways, then the Qi or energy is not fed to the tissues and cells of the physical body and this can led to acute or chronic ill health. ( Thurnell-Read 2002, p.12)

HK uses the concept  from TCM that there are fourteen major meridian lines. Two of the meridians on the midline of the body are the Central or Conception vessel that runs up the front of the body, and the Governing Vessel that runs up the back of the body. The other twelve meridians run bilaterally on the surface of the body. ( HK1 p.4)  Each of these meridians has its own acupoints and specific muscles associated with these meridians. These meridians are named after organs in the body, such as the lung meridian. For example,  the kidney meridian relates to the kidney’s ability to filter the blood of  every cell in the body to maintain biochemical balance within the body ( HK 1 p.4).

Kaptchuk, in his book The Web That Has No Weaver, says that these fourteen meridians and some other minor meridians are “the  warp and the woof of the body.” ( Kaptchuk 200, p. 106).

These meridians are paired together in elements, and each pair has a Yin meridian and a Yang meridian. Seven of the meridians are Yang and seven are Yin. The meridians that run down towards the feet are Yang, and the meridians that flow up from the feet are Yin.

Dr. Scott  describes the traditional Yin/ Yang symbol and says:

The dark outer circle depicts the mystery of life, chi, as an undifferentiated whole. The white  yang energy and black yin energy represent the duality of the manifest universes. They are dynamic and move cyclically. The black dot within the white yang form shows that there is seed of yin energy within the yang ; the white dot within the black yin form shows the seed of the yang energy within the yin. This symbol is a simple and profound picture of the dynamic, constant movement, adjustment and change inherent in life and energy. ( HK 1 p. 5)

This symbol and explanation resonates deeply within me to imply how everything in life is  interrelated. We are so connected with nature and the world around us that each small occurrence in our life influences all parts of our being both emotional, spiritual, intellectually as well as physically. What stands out the most to me is that when you go see a doctor that person needs to look at your whole being and not quickly compartmentalize you and only treat one small part of your body.

In HK, muscle testing is used to gain information about what is happening in the body and how to restore balance. Muscle testing involves the practitioner applying gentle pressure to a muscle on the arm or the leg. The muscle will be able to resist the pressure or it weakens  and will give away. This will provide the kinesiologist with information about what is going on in the body and the necessary procedures to correct the imbalance. HK recognizes that even when physical symptoms show up in the body, the source of the imbalance may be in the emotional or spiritual realm. This was a new concept for me to think about as I have always thought of illness as something physical that ‘happened’ to the body and I have not given much credence in the past to the connection between the whole body in terms of the emotional, spiritual and psychological.
The first thing HK practitioner does is to balance the body so that some of the ‘major highways’ can become unclogged and allow messages from the brain to all parts of the body to  flow smoothly. To do this, first a muscle that will respond to testing is found, usually this is an arm muscle but many other muscles in the body such as the leg can be used as well. When pressed down the muscle will ‘hold’, when spindled  or ‘alarmed’ it will weaken and release. To balance the body, the practitioner determines   which organs are unbalanced and which meridian points have the blockages.

Once balanced, it is now possible to find out what the particular issues are that are disrupting the body’s work.  One method is to directly ask the person what is their particular complaint at this time, this is called Client Specified. The person may have a constant headache, but when you ask the body permission to work with that headache, the body may respond with a ‘no’ meaning: “Well that headache is not my main concern right now, as we’re really dealing with a bad heart and  we need to get that fixed up first of all. You can come  back and deal with the headache later.”  It could also be that  if the heart’s issues are addressed, then the headache will also go away. This answer is determined when the person tests positive for Body Sequence and not Client Specified.

This communication to the body is done through questioning the body and elicitating  ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers. A strong  arm response means ‘yes’ and a weak arm response means ‘no’. It takes some time to grasp the idea that the body can hear you and know what you’re saying.  I have always believed that the mind/ head was the seat of knowledge and knowing, but the body was just the package that covered the insides. It took a while for me  to realize that mind and body were connected and that the body and  mind takes everything literally and is always listening to what we say.

This amazing new concept has been supported by my reading other material such as the book by Barbara Hoberman Levine, Your Body Believes Every Word You Say. I needed to go to outside the HK literature to find support for Dr. Scott’s belief that you can talk to your body. I found that your body  indeed hears not only what you say, but at a cellular level also knows your thoughts and feelings and responds directly to them  as well. Some examples in Levine’s book that support this concepts are:

There is a rich and intricate  two – way communication system linking the mind, the immune system, and potentially all other systems, a pathway through which our emotions, our hopes, and fears can affect the body’s ability to defend itself.    ( Levine 2002 p. 20)

Again Levine says:

The human body has a network of billions of cells beneath your body consciousness awareness. …. When these cells receive a message about a headache, they can join together to create an ache in your head. In this sense language becomes a connecting link among the cells in your body. ( Levine 2002 p.60)

And so in  HK testing  when the health issue is revealed, the practitioner then consults several charts that indicate which organ is involved and which meridian accupoints are to be held and for how long.  For instance, if a person has a broken leg, or a fractured foot it may require magnets, and specific acupoints to be held to reconnect the meridians to get the healing mode activated to accelerate the body’s ability to heal. As well, the liver and the pancreas may need more energy so the body can get back to making the necessary repairs.

Each issue has a different method of correction and each one is so interesting. For example for an allergy correction, allergens are determined by verbally asking the body which are the offending substances. Then samples of these substances are placed on CV-6 (pubic bone) while all the meridian endpoints from element 0 through to element 6 are held . ( HK 2 p.91). The HK 2 manual goes on to explain :

This SET allergy correction helps the body retune its energy to the pattern of a particular molecule. Once the energy system is retuned, the body relates normally to that molecule and uses it or eliminates it. For this reason, a SET correction for one particular molecule or energetic pattern can eliminate allergy or toxicity problems for a variety of nutrients or chemicals that all contain the same molecular energy pattern.  ( HK2 p. 85)

Sometimes the body needs a Mechanism Control Correction. The manual explains Mechanism control this way:

Mechanism Control corrections affect the Energy Control System in the tissues, at the level of the cell. Specifically they deal with the flow of the nutrients through the cell walls. These most commonly are elemental minerals, but may include water, vitamins, lipids, toxic organic chemicals , and the metabolic activity involved with the breakdown of metabolic molecules, transport of those fragments, and synthesis of essential metabolic molecules. There are receptor sites in the cell walls that facilitate the passage of all nutrients and wastes into and out of the cells. Each molecule is like a specifically shaped key which is allowed into or out of the cell only when it fits the corresponding ‘lock’ receptor site. Sometimes these receptor sites become blocked by a molecule (often a pharmaceutical) that bears a close resemblance to a nutrient. When this happens the cell can be starved for the nutrient even when it is abundantly available in the body. Alternatively, toxic amounts of an element can accumulate within the cells when the receptor sites are blocked and unable to move the element out of the cell.( HK 2P. 31)

Corrections for Mechanism Control involve testing from lists of specific phrases of words that relate to the four categories of Experiencing, Feeling, Behaving and Knowing. When the phrases are identified then corrections are made by holding special acupoints called Forbidden  points while the client deeply feels, or thinks, or experiences  the selected phrases. ( HK2 p. 31) This type of correction illustrates how connected we all  are  at the cellular level. Just imagine, here we are thinking of phrases for which we have tested weak, and somehow those thoughts or feelings are interrupting the flow of energy at the cellular level and causing a blockage in the body that may manifest itself somewhere in the body in a discomfort or pain!

Each one of these issues is corrected by working with the acupressure points on different meridians of the body. Sometimes magnets are used. The HK 2maual says that, ‘Using a magnet on the body will generate an electrical current within the body as the bodily fluids move past the magnetic field. Used properly , electricity and magnets can enhance the healing process.”  ( HK 2 p. 22)

Dear Reader, I hope that some of this rambling and explaining is making some sense to you. By explaining it to you, it continues to be a great help to me to try to begin to digest the marvels and the intricacies of our body. For so many years I have gone to the Western doctor to heal me and to tell me what is wrong and what to do. While I am not about to discount all Western wisdom and learning, I am beginning to realize that here are other ways of healing and HK is a way that is making a lot of sense to me. We are all connected in nature and are not ‘islands unto ourselves’. This is reflected in the TCM concept that the physical body, the mind, the emotions and thoughts and feelings are also all connected. This differs from the allopathic mind/ body division that tends to compartmentalize us into neat sections. I am learning to believe in my body and see it as part of me and not simply the shell that houses the organs and ‘other mysterious things’. I now believe that my  body knows my thoughts and at the cellular level and knows what is best for me. I am also beginning to understand the body relationship to the subtle energy fields that are both inside ourselves and that surround us. Thurnell – Read  describes Subtle Energy as, ‘a loose term to describe any energy that is not recognized and categorized by conventional scientific knowledge’. (Thurnell-Read 2002  p. 163) .She goes on to describe  Subtle Bodies  as :

Traditionally, six subtle bodies are recognized (etheric, emotional, mental, causal, intuitive and spiritual). They are as much part of the individual as the physical body. They are progressively less physical and more spiritual. Meta analysis works directly with these subtle bodies.( Thurnell- Read 2002  p. 163)

My role as a person is to begin listening to the signals that my body is sending me- perhaps in the form of a sore arm or a stiff knee. These messages are my body talking to me and asking me to pay attention . Instead of dismissing this discomforts with an aspirin and trying to obliterate them,  I need to try to decipher the message at a deeper level. The physical manifestations my actually relate to a psychological issue that I have not resolved or even confronted. As an HK practionner I need to improve my skills so that I can assist others listen to the messages that their body is telling them. I look forward to learning new ways to draw out the body’s wisdom, and to learn more natural ways to assist the body make the corrections  that it needs to allow the Qi to flow freely throughout the body. I look forward to continuing with more HK classes so that my body of knowledge and understanding will continue to  grow.

Bye for now.


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